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I support couples to explore and find more satisfying ways in which they can be together. I am aware as I write that statement how simple and straight forward it sounds, it rarely is. Many couples set off on their journey together happy, hopeful and certain their good feeling will continue. However, some find that over time they drift apart, living together but feeling disconnected. Others find themselves falling into a loop of resentments or conflict and end up feeling stuck and unable to move on together.

Couples come for therapy for all kinds of reasons. Maybe you are struggling with emotional, sexual or physical intimacy, divorce, separation, an affair or communication difficulties. Whatever the reason, I can provide a space and time where you can both learn more about your struggles while exploring ways to enhance your relationship.

How do I work?

By paying close attention to the rhythms and patterns of communication in your relationship we will discover how you support or diminish your levels of satisfaction and intimacy. Exploring your history together and you’re past family experiences can illuminate other factors that contribute to your current situation. The aim is to find choice points where you can make new decisions, experiment with doing things differently and find more support for the kind of relationship you want.

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